April 10, 2021


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Why don't people get heart cancer?

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Why do you never tend to hear about cancer of the heart? Can people even get heart cancer? What makes the heart different to other organs? A heart doctor …


36 thoughts on “Why don't people get heart cancer?

  1. Same reason sharks don't. The vibration controls space time around it. Dolphins are masters of this knowledge. Get some good head phones, nice quite room, and see if this vibrates you inside. This is a deep tone though. More of a bone vibration if you are not laying down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iej6wjh9ORI. Best time to feel it is in the Morning IMO. I think medical people could use insight on things, they get so busy. People tend to just mock in comments thinking it's a video game or something. Worried about some one stealing ideas. Perhaps therapy like this can help prevent blood clots. Though if you have a tight vascular system it might not be so good at this tone.

  2. I dind't know that, I was under the impression that the whole body pretty much replaces it's self over a life time, I had no idea that when I die, some of me will be "original".

  3. so the other 50% do get replaced but over your entire life?.. I did see a study that did prove that Heart cells do regenerate, but at an extremely low/slow rate… Maybe we will figure a way to excite them do do so? like with stem cells?

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  5. "Changing what heart cells eat could help them regenerate New study suggests that encouraging cardiomyocytes to consume glucose instead of fatty acids could help treat heart failure"

  6. I have heard it many times, that in so many years every cell is replaced. Think from Deepak Chopra’s Quantum Healing & other sources. I have to look into that.
    I thought we have 60 trillion cells.
    I Must test for credibility & truth better.

  7. Talked to a caretaker today he’s 27yrs old and ended up with heart cancer four years ago, he said he’s had two or three heart attacks and has died once…it’s so sad and I ever would have thought the heart could get cancer.

  8. Many years ago I read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book Cancer Ward, and I am sure I remember reading that one of the denizens had "Tumor Cordis, Casus Inoperabalis", or something like that. I don't have the book any more so can't check.

  9. this is neat, and contrary to what I thought about repair functions. it just runs counter to my theory about beating, the heart disease that plagues my blood line, as none of the current methods or therapies have proven useful to any of my 6 aunts or uncles, over the course of their lifetimes… as a male it's more difficult to accomplish the goal, but I'm trying to keep oxytocin levels high with routines… using super positions, meditation, and remaining physically connected during the time of covid. I maintain 15 minutes to a hour a day of direct sun exposure, to increase vascular function as well. Those are just actions I put into my routine, to hopefully improve overall function. I'm just a human just trying to make sense of all the data in front of me, while building a healthy routine, to live my life by. Also, 30 years of trying to figure out why women don't experience heart disease rates that males do, until after menopause… makes me think of sex, but I'm a male, so what doesn't? oh, grandmaw eww, okay that doesn't. The chemical Oxytocin though… cause sex, I mean human, and females get a extra dose of oxytocin, from their vaginas every time they are stretched. Men get vasopressin from sex instead, which I dig, and it amplifies the dopamine response. so like, I know it's not estrogen or any of the other hormones causing the lower heart attack rates, until sexual desire is naturally reduced…. behavior and actions, probably have effects??? IDK, could be lower iron levels, that's a theory right??? but oxytocin, it repairs heart cells, and builds scaffolding for new heart muscles??? from stem cells, doesn't it??? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22435448/#:~:text=OT%20is%20claimed%20as%20an,tissue%20grafting%20in%20the%20heart.

  10. That's interesting, I'm a veterinary surgeon, and we see haemangiosarcoma of the heart, (particularly right atrium/auricle) periodically in dogs, however I suppose this is more endothelial in origin rather than myocardial 🤷‍♀️

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