May 12, 2021


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Why Great Empires Fall – Is America Next?

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27 thoughts on “Why Great Empires Fall – Is America Next?

  1. Yup we are next. It's embarrassing too haven't barely roughly seen 500 years. Rome in the thumbnail world power for 2500 years before crumbling. We babies and already dying out after maybe 500 years.

    Short lived I'd say.

  2. Pat It's wrong to discuss about USA falling in future. Your loyalties with USA is doubtful. No nation or empire is :perennial and is immune to collapse. Can happen to any nation. Moreover u r an immigrant not even a born citizen of usa. It's in poor light to do this program

  3. So pat just gonna act like 20 trillion gdp was way off… pulls it up, sees the number,… “let’s say gdp is 20 trillion” lol

  4. Most of the reasons are valid, except economic reasons/debt to GDP ratio etc. USA is unlike other states therefore it won't fail economically. It can print dollars at will and if it doesn't work, it can push reset button and wipe out debt completely. Historically Empires have fallen because of disunity, weak military and stronger enemies.

  5. America is taking all of the same steps that every nation takes when it falls. Just look at history. The abandonment of family values, Hedonism, sexual and homosexual revolution, lewd, licentious and decadent behavior becomes mainstream, and the love of consumerism, drunkenness and party life are celebrated.

    Now add to this, government sanctioning of these things as a power-grab for votes.

  6. the govmnt doesn't have to pay its debt only the interest, as long as people keep working and paying taxes… hence why w.omen are praise to be independent and make her own money… the only people who win is the people in office, the b.anks and of course the people above these two…

  7. someone said this… Good times create lazy men > lazy men create hard times > hard times create strong men > strong men create good times … and it repeats♻️

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