April 22, 2021


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32 thoughts on “Why is Antifa Attacking the #Minds IRL Event?

  1. Politically Correct(PC) Speech is the weapon of choice w/ all these groups…… they use PC speech
    as a means of power/control & it works for them. 1/2 of all conversations can leave 1 party w/ the
    feeling of being hurt or offended which is their excuse for total destruction? The thing about these
    groups is that there is No Line in the sand & no remedy for any problem….. lol, if we concede to any
    of their demands they aren't happy & set an even worse demand after that = never ended bullsHIT !
    They must take away the rights to free speech & they've done so in many Nations. Sadly they fail
    to realize that right after they get what they want it'll be THEIR Turn to go thru this b/c they'll no
    longer be needed by their Master's……. peace

  2. It's freakin hilarious that this group is literally a walking paradox. So… fascism essentially has 3 principles –

    1. Government is supreme; country is all-encompassing, all within it must conform to the ruling body.
    2. The implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and for all humans to submit to the government.
    3. "Nothing against the state." Any type of questioning will not be tolerated. If you do not see things the way they do, you are wrong.

    So… Antifa says it would be wrong for the government to punish citizens who question said government, or who have opinions that they do not agree with. Essentially, "my way or the high way" (with my being the government.) – I agree. That would be wrong.

    So what usually happens at Antifa protests? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have an opposing opinion, they attempt to silence that opposing opinion with threats an acts of violence.

  3. Covering their faces says to those who see them I am dangerous yet I am a coward so I will use violence to impress you like a bully.These human garbage need to be treated so.It is pathetic not seeing healthy young men knocking them out cold on the road.

  4. I have concluded the only being offended I experiance is riding the public transportaion in Phoenix.That leaves me offended mentaly respiratory(bad smelling people) and physiclly(getying thrown to ground and robbed).With the fight or flight(running from the aggresive obscene requesting male) I am forced to the flight.

  5. Rational Wiki might be the least rational site on the internet. I'm sensing a pattern between the words leftists spew and the inverse, unadulterated truth of the matter.

    Talk about projection.

  6. I found it funny when a brit on facebook tried to scare me with british hate speech laws. Kept telling him im American but he jist didnt get it lol.

    My constitutional righta protect me from that nonsense.

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