September 20, 2021


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Why Is Karl Marx So Popular In Universities?

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43 thoughts on “Why Is Karl Marx So Popular In Universities?

  1. Hopeless,spoiled society, I thought I moved away from Soviet Union 30 years ago, you bunch of spoiled clowns who will pay big price with your lifes, comrades. Read Soviet Union history when it was killed more than 50 million people.

  2. Dear Pat, Thank you for the excellent interview with, Prof. Paul Kengor, who certainly did a thorough job exposing the horrors of, Socialism~Communism ! The history of both of them shows that they produce nothing, but, misery, murder, starvation and the collapse of any true culture. What they have/get, they achieve by copying~stealing, or, subterfuge~ espionage ! America's young people, today, are relatively unread and very poorly educated !
    Hence, they fall for all of the canards of both ideologies !
    Almost, all of the progress, made in the last few Centuries, has been the fruits of, Capitalism. It best fosters and rewards, creativity ! The only problem with, Capitalism, is when it selfishly disregards those who truly aren't able to provide for themselves.
    One of my grandfathers, began an electrical company, back in the, 1920s, his business motto was, "A Corporation with a Concience" ! He always put, God, first, then his family and customers second. He typified the old fashioned, New England, Scottish American, Protestant work ethic, but, he loved to have fun too, when I was in grade school, he'd always give me some money for fireworks, plus, when I was 6 years old, he taught me how to body surf waves at, York Beach, Me. Much to my mother's dismay, at, 10, he gave me my first jackknife. He passed away in 1972, at, 78 years of age, I still miss him !

  3. The enemy is in the house. I think it’s time to get serious about history, definitions and priorities or an enormous amount of homegrown violence may transpire. Negotiating doesn’t work with bad actors.

  4. Socialism is popular amongst academics . Because they believe capitalism is unjust. Some wonder why is this business owner who only has a high school education is more successful than I am. They feel that since I have this quality education they should be earning more than this person who has less education. Remember Karl Marx was an intellectual. Even though it's been proven he was an eccentric "crackpot".

  5. It’ll be interesting to know where those liberal kids (from the time you described) are standing now seen this new generation using the same rhetoric, repeating history and not knowing the lesson they learn and forgot to passed on or didn’t learned at all.

  6. Read Marx's Communist Manifesto. His 5th plank, Centralization of Credit in the Hands of the State, means a National Bank with State Capital and an Exclusive Monopoly. Here's the deal, who owns the state? Certainly not we the sheeple. A small group of capitalists owns the privately-owned state incorporation and centralized monetary system. The U.S. is a federal corporation. Communism is a tool used by capitalists to dupe the sheeple into believing that they have power.

  7. Look up the "four part series called The Lobby by Al Jazeera". You will see exactly where and who this comes from. Youfingerpointing blaming Republicans may have to eat your words.

  8. I knew communism was bad because of a German immigrant who survived Ww2. Her German dad was forced by gun point to support the Nazi socialists. Germans were forced by gunpoint.

  9. I totally agree with what he said. I can’t believe that in 2021 that the young people in our country today think socialism & Communism is so appealing. Why? The question is why do they think it’s ok?? I hope I am dead & buried by the time communism hit the US

  10. Considering the unconscionable condition of American homeless – probably the worst in the world – it's hard to sell the young on the current capitalist system.

  11. Unfortunately, the Cold War and Stalin made communism and totalitarianism synonymous. Many of the countries we "saved" during the Cold War thought of Socialism as a financial system not incompatible with Democracy. Big tech is fomenting suppression of speech, and they are products of monopoly capitalism. I hate liberal wokism too, but it was created by the unnecessary conflation of political systems with financial systems.

  12. I have to "thank" Mr. Marx for his followers killing my Great-grandfather for the sole reason that he was the village mayor in 1944 . October 10, 1944 , Petko Slaveykovo, Bulgaria ??. He was found in a mass grave together with four other people, buried in the middle of the night, labeled missing for over 20 years. His own cousin called him to the mayors office, and his immediate family never saw him again. Shortly after, in 1945, all of the lands were seized from both poor and rich. Along with any life stock, to get into the "State's" possession. I am absolutely certain that this occurred in many countries where the Communism took over. Let that sink in!

  13. That's very interesting
    But I used to call him commie on purpose because I know it triggers the left
    But you do have a point that they get to nowhere
    But that's the point some of these people are so far gone hell they're commies okay

  14. Fabulous Show! So much truth of who, what, when, where, how Marxism
    has brainwashed. All guided by Karl Marx the; worthless, narcissist, deadbeat loser husband, father, self entitled Failure.He was void of compassion or humanity if one examines his history.

  15. This a hugely bias and to be honest quite a basic reading of Capital vol 1,2. The guy essentially writes in forensic detail about how capitalism works – at the start of capitalism's industrialisation journey – and this 'guest' paints him as a crazy bearded one living under a bridge. The bias from the guest and leading question from the interviewer make this chat a nice cul-de-sac for already ardent anti-communist people to bath in – not wanting to have a serious chat about marxism and the details of capitalism. Have fun !

  16. Evil is so Pervasive and Elusive that most peoples Ego's believe that nothing could undermined their life.
    The best thing for the Unknowing or Liberal Foolish to do is PRAY and then try to understand and research how powerful prayer is.
    Some Energetic Force did create all the details in The Universe and The Electromagnetic Spectrum of known Physics and keeping all those patterns working together without your Ego's help. Reverence, Appreciation, and Thankfulness to his Light and Love makes you feel all good inside, Beyond Understanding. And former Professors Saul Alinsky's writings in "Rules for Radicals" and The Democrat Party adopted Tactics and Policies of Controlled Chaos Community Organizing like you see in the city of Rebel "Chad" in Seattle are the tactics of Marxist especially used by BLM, Antifa, and other groups to break down Our American U.S. Constitutional Republic and Society.

  17. Well Marx is simply the social version of Darwin. His ideas are seen as an incontrovertible template by which to understand history. That's why Marx loved Darwin. He thought that Darwin had given him the scientific basis he needed for his thesis. He sent him his book with praise and hopes of a counter-approval, which Darwin did not give. Marx disappointed went forward with Engels anyhow, having the "science" that he felt he had been missing.

    So, contemporary people are instinctively responsive to this stuff, because were soaked in it. We know propaganda via advertising. We know polemics via partisan politics. We know contrasts and divisions via our social stratification and conflicts. We know Darwinism through competition and self-interest, survival instinct and our bestial nature.

    In other words, Marxism was a very effective critical lens for modernism. But there's a huge paradox involved. The more you push back against Marx, the more you prove Marx, because he theorized it would work out this way. He believed in the inevitability of conflict, and so do we.

    So, Marx was a pretty astute student of history. He sort of "followed the money trail" and looked at how capitalism, the system of trade involving money, had created some new things in society but things that were always fundamentally there, based on human nature and social interactions. It was a pessimistic philosophy in that regard. His positivism was a different thing, and he has been proven to be wrong.

    Communism he hoped would be the inevitable result of class conflict, and finally some kind of utopian anarchistic collective would arise. Here he was being a prophet.
    He is wrong, but scary nonetheless, because his source for this shit was Satan.

    Marx rightly noted that middle class culture was decadent and easy to sway. The masses in his day, called proletarians were workers. The masses in our day, called selfish sinners, are consumers. Big business doesn't even need our labor any more, something Marx could have never imagined. But they need us to buy their products nonetheless.

    So we live in what they call Advanced Capitalism, where money makes money, where labor is a commodity. Blessed are the "job creators."

    Everyone should read GK Chesterton "Utopia of Usurers," who is interested in these things. Chesterton understood things.

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