23 thoughts on “Why is the BBC Peddling Fake News?”
  1. Could you answer a question. Why do we wear masks to catch a deadly contagion then dispose of in regular trash like a snotty tissue? Should we use clinical waste bins?

  2. Does the BBC ever tell the truth is what I would ask, maybe a poll is needed.

    When the winter comes watch out for the vapour trails or should I say covid trails escaping from many areas of the masks, and severe condensation blocking them from the inside out as warm air meets cold air.

  3. They want Black people to take the vaccines first, Is Covid 19 discriminating, Against everyone else???? Seems like their saying it’s affecting Blacks more so we can be test subjects, Remember the tuskegee experiment. Theirs a book called medical apartheid. Which documents from past to present experiments done.

  4. Vernon, it seems to me we could easily bring the bubble heads at the BBC to heel through the wallet. Trouble is, it's a lifeline to the 'sheeple'. In the slightly paraphrased words of Oscar Wilde, we are now witnessing a scenario of 'life imitating art'. Can it get any worse…. 🙂

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