May 14, 2021


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36 thoughts on “Why is the Left doing this to us?

  1. This video/stream engages a question I've been trying to puzzle out in my head for few days now. It seems like the answer to the problem we're engaged in now is, for lack of a better term, a non-theistic religion. In the given context, the term means a set of moral goods to engage in and evils to avoid in order to improve the whole of society. I personally believe that we should re-engage with the objective moral good of religion without attempting to abuse things we have no way of truly knowing one way or another about. If we can't, then the modern Western society deserves to fail under our watch, as I don't know if I can see another way around everything

  2. I'll give you a pragmatic argument against incest. It's quite simple:
    You are benefited by having relationships with people that will be in your life for as long as each of you lives that is not complicated by a sexual component. These are not friends, by the time you're in your 40s you'll realize how many friends have come and gone, they lack permanence. Sexual relationships breed jealousy and competition, these will interfere with your otherwise familial relations if not outright severing them if you are engaging in them with family members (apart from spouse). If an appropriate sexual relationship, like a marriage, ends (not necessarily divorce, this could be any reason up to and including the death of your partner) you will need those permanent relationships to fall back on, especially if you have children of your own, they are not to be trifled with or taken so lightly. You have ~3 billion alternatives at least, pick one.

  3. We've lost so much more than aesthetics. We've lost other worlds.

    I am now going through old Chinese paintings, like those of Fan Kuan and Li Cheng. I loved them ever since I first saw them, as a perfect atheist boy. There are worlds in them, where one can go and forget all this ugliness, stupidity and banality.

    This is what we lost: the many many worlds of other feelings, views, visions, lives. All we have left is discussions on the morality of incest. Pathetic.

  4. "You wouldn't eat your own dog. But you might eat someone else's." And the left goes, "what's the difference?" I think this sums up the whole thing.

  5. i'm not so sure religion is necessary, but i think having spiritual underpinnings, and just exposure in general is positive.
    I'm a Jew that believes Yeshua is the Messiah, and i enjoy enlightenment era mysticism, and study of the paranormal.
    Spirituality doesn't have to be an entirely subjective or even objective persuit, but rather you bring all your various skills and wisdom to it, and decide for yourself what spiritual framework serves as the best foundation for your approach to life, moral framework, what kind of goals you'll set outside yourself, it's a toolbox for interacting with humanity itself, and completes the circle.
    Spirituality informs morality, morality informs social imperatives, social imperatives inform objective goals, objective goals reveal objective questions, objective questions inform objective experimnetation, objective experimentation informs the body of objective knowledge, objective knowledge perception of reality, and grants new skills, these are then used to formulate and craft a spiritual framework that suits what you know to be true.
    There's no real reson not to build a spiritual framework around what you know, doesn't have to be a "god of the gaps" it just takes an admission that there are limits to the self, and other forces outside, and even within the boundary of those limits, so in order to deal with the forces beyond the borders of perception, it's a good idea to have a personal foundation that incorporates that in symbolic form, and to cover the most ground ideal archetypes are the best to symbolize something to represent the infinite, and the void, and elemental forces between, to personify them, and encode thier mechanisms as personality traits.
    According to some deeper maths these things aren't really any different to us given an infinite time frame, a system of inputs and outputs.

  6. Oh, Sargon. You are no philosopher. But you are a parent. A typical parent, who is no philosopher, yet feels internal pressure to justify having a child, and therefore justify his behavior and lifestyle, and therefore philosophize. And always be happy.

    This is why adults (parents) are so fundamentally dishonest.

    Children feel this dishonesty and excessive happiness, their internal nature rebels against it. And there you have it: parent-child clash, teenage rebellion, teenage angst.

    And then the teen grows up and just gives up. Gets married, has a child, and the whole circle starts all over.

    I am not for incest, absolutely not. It disgusts me like it disgusts you. But I can admit that "ugh, that's disgusting" is not an argument, that I don't have logical justification for being against incest, and that I don't really know what morality (without religion) is and whether it exists at all. I can admit that I don't know. A parent cannot do that. A parent must be all-knowing. Or at least he thinks he must.

  7. oh no is poor babby sargoy getting picked on and deplatformed again? better rake in some more money from your gullible pay pigs that don't know you've tried deplatforming people as well. But I'm sure it's fine with everyone since it's Sargon doing it.

  8. The far better and more-pertinent question is-
    Why are we allowing these raging lunatics to utterly destroy our Countries and societies?
    Why are we?
    You don't indulge a child throwing a screaming tantrum. Why are we indulging these violent and politically asinine bastards?

  9. The lyrics of the Rush song called 'the trees' tells you all you need to know about the Leftard's mindset. However most of the Leftards themselves are just Marxist wannabe minions funded by a very small group of people who, in their pursuit of Marxist ideologies, are doing so purely to take absolute control over the entire Planet. Country by country & tribe by tribe!

  10. It will be objected that your feelings of disgust towards incest are not only irrational but wrong: they are incestophobic. How do you suppose the intrinsic human revulsion to same sex acts was overcome?

  11. To answer the question. Because it's easier to hate than to love. When you deliberately miseducate entire generations & then string them out on Corporate & cultural lies then they will never value truth, logic or reason. But inevitably LOVE conquers all.

  12. Carl when does the virtue and the pursuit of it becomes a vice? When will the keeto shaming become the vegan shaming and the knock on the door from Jesus Christ reformed. When will your own conviction start being your own arrogance? Questioning yourself constantly on the matter of your own virtues is the stoic base as well… So why do you think you reached the point you do not have to question yourself and your believes? Your audience is slowly creating a bubble which will create an insulated believe in yourself and your right to say that everyone else is wrong… Sorry but this is how you create Spencer's no matter the original intention. And let me be clear here I like you content and I am paying for lotus site also

  13. "Morality comes from the top, such as parent to child. The first step, then, is to set down just laws and show that all of us must live by their maxims. You can never stop all wrongdoing, but if you don't punish it, then it proliferates until anarchy wears the robes of tolerance and understanding." -Richard Cypher, Blood of the Fold, Book 3 of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth Series

  14. I know a guy who is at university studying to become a psychologist. Everything he is being taught is essentially BuzzFeed text the boxes to find out what animal you are. The next generation of psychologists are going to be absolutely f…ed

  15. Every time I see something like these incest articles, the accelerationist in me is saying "Just let 'em do it and see what happens. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle."

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