September 25, 2021


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Why Nobody Wants To Work Any More

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21 thoughts on “Why Nobody Wants To Work Any More

  1. Does anyone remember when their dad had a job? My dad worked in heating and cooling. The neighbor down the street, he delivered milk. Another friends father worked at the news paper. We lived in a nice, brick ranch home my father had custom built. We took vacations, went to a private school. We got a color TV, had an air conditioner. My mom did not work, neither did any of the other moms. We had 2 cars, the other 2 families did not. Don't talk about what you have to offer when it does NOTHING for those who so badly need a job. Eventually my dad built us a second home on a small lake. By the way, the Milk Man, he went and bought a home with a Dairy Queen next to the house, which he also bought. The home was next to a massive state park, in the country side. What kind of future do you have to offer people. People want to work, but not for what is being offered, which is NOTHING. No future.

  2. Life & Death circumstances and people wonder why nobody wants to work for minimum wage? Service level employees should be the ONLY ones getting raises during this xionovirus!

  3. Yo Mike I started investing in Gold and silver (mostly gold as we have to pay VAT on silver here in the UK) after watching your hidden secrets of money vids. I've watched it through 5 or 6 times to make sure I fully understand it. Thanks so much keep the great content coming.

  4. your missing it. No onw wants to work at low paying jobs because at 7.25$/h you need to work 2 hours just to afford a sandwich. with cost going up people are not being offered enough to work there. if they payed more, they would get employees.

  5. Am I going to make the same amount of money that I use to make before? They told me that I was a dangerous bag of viruses and I was non essentials.
    So I am going to make less money, is the inflation fake? I am broke but I rather to go and live on the streets then go back to a restaurant job.

  6. DJ indices records at 35000. Bubbles. The thais (at pattaya) & world are homeless & starving. The wolves of wall street keeps manipulations all the time. … so this is true…there are nothing for us to resist. Jus to say the nano least.

  7. It's so easy to complain about people not wanting to work. Actually I think there is a level of salary under which it is better to starve to death in freedom rather than dying as a slave. Working for somebody else is not the ultimate dream for everyone. Some jobs should not be done today or tomorrow but when that somebody else actually accepts to pay a reasonable salary for getting the job done or the "somebody else" can do the job themself. Otherwise, just maybe, there is not really a need to get that job done right now and it can wait until some day in the future. I promise, the planet won't complain about that.

  8. I appreciate most of your work Mike but you are not telling the truth about this. People want to work….they just don’t want to starve while doing so. When businesses pay the appropriate wages and the workers will be there. You are so quick to rant and rave about how big business can’t have any obstacles or it will disincentivize them to build, expand, etc. Yet you refuse to consider how the same could be true for workers. Your sound money promotion is on spot…:your political thoughts are not.

  9. Look I’m sick of the working class being gas lit! We aren’t lazy! Working conditions have been terrible since the 2008 crash. Businesses cut jobs in 2008 but still produced the same. The expectation on workers went up but compensation didn’t change! Cost of living skyrocketed, especially housing! I’m a unionized custodian. I make $24 per hour, killer benefits and I almost pay nothing for full medical coverage. I work my ass off because I appreciate the job I’m blessed with! If all I can find is crap jobs that don’t pay good I’m going to quit on a wim or just do a crappy job! We need A LOT more jobs like mine for people to be able to exist in big cities or they can’t find affordable housing and end up homeless.

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