July 26, 2021


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Why Russia wants to restore the Soviet borders

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50 thoughts on “Why Russia wants to restore the Soviet borders

  1. Russia had its high day. It is steep down from where it is now. It is just matter of how things work. No, the US is not save either. It too will end up being divided to different areas controlled by different entities with their own policies and things they care about. Russia however will be one of the first Big countries to Shrink big. It will lose its eastern part, Northern Caucuses and will shrink to where it started 300 years ago, principalities fighting over who will rule the other.

  2. Shirvan reveals himself to be a minion of the US empire and a cheerleader for its expansionist plans for ultimate global dominion at the behest of Global Cap.

    Calvin Coolidge: After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world.

    We are locked in the end stretch of a zero-sum game of real-life RISK.

  3. I find it really funny just how easy it is to justify this nonsense.
    Somehow the weaker and just as if not more exposed European countries can get along, more or less. Comparatively big and strong Russia however apparently NEEDS to acquire those defensible borders, else it won't be secure from those darn… Belarussians? Estonians?
    The fault always is someone elses.

  4. This really puts things into perspective. Kind of makes ya understand why they're so aggressive . I hope that in the future Russia and the west can see that China is the greatest threat facing them both, and work together.

  5. Russia will be making a comeback in the future. Climate change benefits Canada and Russia. Frozen lands become temperate, while temperate lands move toward desertification. The thawed tundra of Siberia, will yield more minerals, farming, and fuels reserves. Also the melting north pole is offering Russia more fuel acquisition possibilities.

  6. I don't follow 'Putin's Argument' in our Atomic Age. Moscow already has a killer defense: HISTORY and ATOMICS. She faces NO near-peer military competitor in Europe at all. NATO is a purely defensive alliance. Its internal debates leak like a sieve. For quite some time, Moscow actually had its own reps (generals) sitting in on NATO confabs.
    Moscow's REAL problem is its erstwhile ally: Red China. 
    It is the expansionist power — not NATO. NATO is a status quo entity. Its thesis is that military conquest (aggression) can't win for any party.
    Red China is the nation that has territorial claims against Russia — namely Siberia. Beijing used to run the joint.
    Both Moscow and Beijing have seen — still see — themselves as the center of the world… their worlds.
    BTW, Putin can't 'aim' Beijing towards the West. Xi is so grandiose that he wants the entire planet. That's why he apes Adolf and Stalin.

  7. Most people: are trying to befriend neigh tours and be safe surrounded by friends.
    Russia: want to enslave everyone and afterwards it is surrounded by mortal enemies.

  8. This video misses one essential point which nullifies all the logic for soviet border restoration. The point that did not exist prior to 1945. Nuclear weapons. Who on earth will ever in its wildest dreams think of attacking Russia – a country that possess world's largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons and most advanced. Even a country like North Korea with its primitive nuclear bombs and missiles make US and others pee in their pants. Talking about invasion of Russia like what it was before in past centuries is well a good time pass exercise and nothing else. Those logics and arguments are not just valid any more.

  9. Your analysis failed to include the enormous pushback from Germany and other states that support them. Germany is the largest exporter in the world and is a very significant opponent of Russia expansionism.

  10. More moronic propaganda from this western propaganda channel. The proposition that Russia today, either wants, contemplates, or is even seriously able to restore the borders of the USSR is so plainly silly and politically slanted as to indicate the intellectual level of the people who like this channel. I could sit here and write an essay to show factually how all the premises of this world view are counterfactual and entirely a self-serving interpretation of the world to whitewash the terrible harm western foreign policy has done and is doing to the world, but with 3,500 cheering idiots supporting this BS it seems a waste of time. Anyway, you are out of date, didn't you get the message? We are now focussing on China, so take your "Russia expert" hat off and put your "China expert" hat on. The west is now focused on steering the world into a never ending conflict with China which will destroy the progress of Asia for countless generations to come, our leaders scarcely considering for a moment if they are biting off more than they can chew. It is much as when the Nazis rolled into the USSR in 1941expecting victory before winter.

  11. Я думаю, что большинство постсоветских стран присоединится к союзу. Я надеюсь, что Россия снова вернется к своим размерам. привет Российской Федерации из Индии.

  12. I understand that the idea of the video is to mainly present and explain the 'Russian view' of the geopolitical history of their borders but there is a clear factual error at 7:37 in the video – Sweden did not invade Russia in the 18th century via Baltic territories; it was the other way round, as the Baltic territories were in Swedish (and partially Polish) possession since the mid-16th century. Russia had been attempting to conquer those territories every once in a while and the invasion of 1700 which launched the Great Northern War did trigger an eventual Swedish counter-invasion in 1708. However that invasion was launched via modern day Poland and not via Baltic territories. Unfortunately this twisting of sequence has become very popular as it is easy for the lazy to fully equate those military campaigns to the later invasions of Napoleon and Hitler.

  13. Outside its western perimeter, Russia has largely restored strategic control of almost the entire post-Soviet space. Russian and Uzbek troops are now guarding the Afghan border on a mutual basis, Tajikistan & Kirgistan are official allies as is Kazakhstan and in the Caucasus, Russia has now established a permanent military presence in all three southern Caucasian states. In Abkhazia & South Ossetia in Georgia, its official military base in Armenia and most recently in Nagorno Karabach (Azerbaijan) with Putin's brokered ceasefire between the Azeris & Armenians. Even on the western front there has been notable progress. Crimea has been taken safely away from NATO's claws, NATO-backed rump Ukraine has been destabilized & invaded, and has also permanently lost the Donbass with more certain to come. Belarus has been brought back into the fold after the failed color-Revolution against Lukashenko. The Baltic states will be an afternoon's work once other Russian pending concerns have been dealt with.

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