September 25, 2021


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Why so Many People Want to Be Writers

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30 thoughts on “Why so Many People Want to Be Writers

  1. I like novels (specially romance) because i love someone who doesn't exist in real world. I write her to give her a world, to give her a soul and to live together in a suitable world.

  2. Ones writing is an expression of the self and an understanding of ones point of view (Temet Nosceand) a desire to express it to Humanity. Not a diatribe against ourselves for being alone or having an angst against someone in our life that hurt us.. For the school of life to frame writing in such a way is quite frankly amazing… Would they dare to say this to Shakespeare, Adam Smith, Thomas Pain, Fredric Douglas, or Booker T Washington???? School of Life shame on you for being such Mao Zedong Marxists!!!!

  3. My writing is therapeutic The gift of creativity Comes with the brain
    But not everyone knows how to use it
    I like writing poems but I’d love to write music imagination and intellect gotta both know how to fuse it to paint a literary picture and hope somebody views it ✍️

  4. A want to be a Writer because i have a gift for the word (among other things) but im not sure i would want to do it for a living.

    I dont want anyone to pressure me into writing a book every month.

    I want the freedom to write what i want,whenever i want it,and how much i want it.

    One of my dreams is to become a billionaire so i can one day move away from all these sub humans that hate themselves until noon and everyone else in the afternoon.

  5. I am really sorry but I want to be a writer because I enjoy telling and creating stories, not because I am lonely. I prefer being alone with least social interaction because it really helps me feel at easy with myself and my thoughts to flow freely and easily. I disagree with the statement Socrates made. I love writing for the sake of the art, not as an outcome or a result of loneliness. Sorry, but I am not going to let anyone make me feel bad about my life choices and tell me that no I have a different reason for making them. Sorry if this comment felt offensive, but I did feel offended too.

  6. I want to write for my enjoyment and how much I love it ASWELL for others to just wonder off into a magical place that is non existent on earth.
    My goal is for ppl who read my book to forget all their worries surrounding them and just enter a special place.
    But it’s hard when very few people believe in you I probably only have one or maybe two ppl who believe in me

  7. This is quite a bit of a generalization as even writers can have an active social life, and you don't have to be an introvert or a lonely person in order to be a good writer, or be inclined to write at all. I'm myself a writer not because I seek company; if I wanted to do so, I would actively seek friends and I know I will succeed in doing so if I would've tried hard enough. I at least just write because it's the only thing that makes me feel truly productive, in an other-wise meaningless existence.

  8. I write Because it's like a tool that Helps me Get through my days And It is magical for me like When I Put Words or Stories Down On a Journal It magically Turns The bad days, Into Peaceful And Enjoyment Days. I feel Like when I write everything Will be alright! And It just Helps Me Handle Things that is very complicated And The things I need to fix And Struggles with alot. It gives me Power to change things And turn the Bad things into good things. It's a life Changing tool for me. Whoever Invented writing Thank you very much it's a life changer.

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  10. I loved to write since the age of 6-8!! Or maybe younger..

    I use to write, and draw pictures, or designs, and my parents use to like my drawings… Not the usual messy ones, but the neat doodles..

    And yes, I realise that most of my stories are my emotions.. but low-prifile.

  11. I started writing because I couldn't easily speak about my problems to anyone. I never thought I liked it or that it was my hobby because it was always like an escape or something I needed. Three years passed for me to realized it wasn't just a need but also something much more. I no longer have communication issues and I am very happy with my life. So I think it's true that many choose to write to cope with other problems but if you stick with this for some time it's definitely because you actually find it enjoyable.
    My opinion at least…

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