April 10, 2021


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Why some nations fail and others succeed

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25 thoughts on “Why some nations fail and others succeed

  1. 3:48 Listen really, really hard America. Do we really think conservatism and neoliberalism—that which prioritizes hierarchy and authoritarianism—is the answer here? Do we really want to support a guy who tries to sabotage the democratic process and kidnap people into unmarked vehicles, coupled with rhetoric that prioritizes your in-group over all else? Think carefully this 2020.

  2. Frankly, every time I watch one of your videos where you talk about economics it gives me the chills. So full of bullshit and common places. Please, stay with geopolitics as for economics (and history) I can see that you need more than a critical reading that you don't seem to be up to. For instance, you could read Matias Vernengo's "Why Latin American Nations fail"

  3. This is a really cool channel.
    In interested in learning britains rise and fall.
    Like one small ass nation, conquered the world so the sun never set,
    but then after WWII was forced to give indepenced to their colonies,

    THEN the SUCCEED from a geopolitical powehouse like the EU.
    I don't know what their economy offer to succeed without buffer.

    I wish the best for all citizens of the world and that stife be minimized.
    Thanks C.R.

  4. japan would be a good counterexample.
    the meiji area was an authoritarien monarchical aria but it prb is one of the greatest example of sudden development with little direct help from the outside.
    all of this was done under a monarchy.

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