September 25, 2021


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Why The Bull Run In Silver Is Just Getting Started – Mike Maloney

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30 thoughts on “Why The Bull Run In Silver Is Just Getting Started – Mike Maloney

  1. Bitcoin is the future???❤ , investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise despite all the economic crisis.This is the time to start up an investment ?❤

  2. I'm a little confused, in your book you say that while the stock market in DOLLARS is rising, it's crashing in value… and gold/silver is rising… Wouldn't that mean stocks are undervalued and we should keep going? Please clarify, thank you!!

    Also when trading dow gold ratio, do people mean buy stocks in the dow arbitrarily or like buy the index fund or something?

  3. Your funny Mike. Silver is not going anywhere. Short of a nuclear conflict we have been suckered into this fucked up trade with very little exit strategies. Dead money sorry to say. Why do you keep pumping it???

  4. Mike, I appreciate you and your work, in such times of uncertainty and ignorance in the mass, your work has given my future a bright clarity vision. Thank you

  5. but back in 80s, as it went up, it also went down. Do we expect similar behaviour? I do believe it will kill US dollar next time and "normal" price will be only with new currency. If it will be ever obtainable for regular people.

  6. Hi Mike and Jeff, last week the ABN bank in the Netherlands announced they wil limit the amount of cash You can withdraw from a cash machine yearly to €10k. When exeeding this limit they will fine You €5 and 0.5% of the withdraw amount. every time..

  7. Mike & Jeff I have a question for y’all, if you had around 500/750 ounces of silver & 7/10ounces of gold and you wanted to invest 40k into PMs with what I have you purchase more silver or gold?

  8. May 1st is another Wall St Bankster manipulation of Silver! The banksters are telling us stooges to all buy silver May 1st, causing an artificial spike in silver prices, banksters then sell their overvalued silver derivatives on Wall St to then invest in-Silver bullion! Don't fall for it. Don't buy silver till the price falls, forcing premiums to fall also.

  9. Where as I agree with alot of what is said here in this Chanel, it's an echo chamber. Article of the day "one I wrote" ?
    "Check out this chart I put together "
    This seems to be a lot of just of preaching to a choir. Mike opened my eyes to the system and I will always be grateful to him for that and my strat is greatly influenced by his teaching but I come in here and there's no friction, no challenge, just a bunch of finger pointing.

  10. Sorry folks. I dont think the silver price is going anywhere significant. It is just manipulated and likely to continue. I have hodled for more than ten years with no profit. I think all the narrative serves is to help these businessmen sell more metals. As for you. You will likely not make much. They will though.

  11. And still nothing ever happens. Maybe been listening to the stuff for too long as silver is down $.30 today.

    When is this stuff actually going to matter to people holding silver?

  12. Oh shut up already for 10 years now every couple weeks silver is going up stop getting the people hopes up silver will never go up i goes up max 20 dollars and then back to 10 ??‍♂️

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