April 11, 2021


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Why The Georgia Voter ID Law Is HORRIFIC

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28 thoughts on “Why The Georgia Voter ID Law Is HORRIFIC

  1. Great job! You left out Coke and Home Depot, though. Both headquartered in Atlanta. They were in the news, and came out against it right along side Delta – and they both require id to enter their corporate offices. Huh.

  2. JP I love you man and your takes on all the crap going on. America is basically becoming a shitty made for t.v. movie and the only snack I have are damn corn nuts🤬

  3. So it's a lot easier to claim you're being victimized by claiming this whole thing is only about voter I.D., is that correct? Because it damned well isn't, and you know it. There is a whole lot more to it than being required to show an I.D. to vote.

  4. It is horrific. It eliminates signature verification on mail-in ballots. It requires driver's license numbers on mail-in ballots, but doesn't require verification of them. It explicitly permits ballot boxes. It is, in fact, a ballot stuffer's dream.

  5. I worked at a bank for several years. Truthfully I had more black people willing to show me their ID than white people. The few times someone refused to show me their ID it was a white person. So yeah… that's a bunch of bull.

  6. We are up to the nose with all these fierce attemps to hide the criminal activities they elaborated and finally did. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS,,, We will keep pushing and pushing… all you are doing is making your deeds worst by keep establishing walls to keep US FROM DISCOVERING THE TRUTH… WE ALL KNOW you are hiding froggsss. ;many froggggs BUT you dont want us to see WHO, WHEN, AND HOW DEEP YOU ARE COVERED IN s t …. you are covering each other dont you??? At what degree ???? WE ALL KNOW ALREADY… GIVE IT UP

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