April 18, 2021


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Will Ranked Choice Voting Change U.S. Elections?

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50 thoughts on “Will Ranked Choice Voting Change U.S. Elections?

  1. Shea Siegert fully endorses Biden/Harris and the same Democratic Party who has worked relentlessly for the past 5-6 years to divide this country in every way they could and create mass chaos among its citizens in order to usher in COMMUNISM. To him and all the others who think they're fooling someone with their "good of America" message: WE SEE YOU


  3. Presidents are appointed from here on, that's just the new reality 🤔 the candidates have been a ridiculous mess for the past few decades so I'm used to this chaos.

  4. I say we need to keep the electoral system just take it down to county lvl. States are to big now for the original design. One Big city runs entire states representative in election. So give each county electoral votes based on population size. Each vote outs up to one million per vote. A city of one million gets a vote a county with 500 gets a vote. A city with 1000001+ gets 2….ect. 2 term limits and drawing lots for president just for kicks and giggles, so normal citizens can run and have government funded campaign with no out side cash allowed.

  5. This is the first time I've been bored watching Valuetainment. The one thing no one ever seems to discuss is the fact that there are real people who stand in our way in government, and the system is so big and complex that we cannot dismantle it and rebuild it so that our representatives cannot work against the Constitution.

  6. I'm so tired of the "talking head" documentary format. Please stop using side angle shots of the host speaking to a camera other than the one we're viewing through, or to an off-camera interviewer that is never seen or heard. It is not impressive 30 years on.

  7. That's not a problem in India. We have a one man army there. Except Modi all other leaders are either idiots, false propagandist or they are against indian culture only.🤦🤦🤦. Those shits are still accepted by some unaware people.😂😂😂😂 But we are happy and satisfied with our government, it is not perfect but one of the best in the world!!!

  8. 📌 I stopped voting over a decade ago. The system is clearly corrupt. It creates enemies of our neighbors. I’m not down to align my name with another only to have them sell out to the highest bidder. No thank you! I’ll clean up my own life and encourage others to do the same. Thank you for this discussion. You’re doing outstanding work.

  9. LOL…You want to talk about ranked voting used in SF and Oakland??? I’m in California and we have this system on a General Election Level…Have you seen what a shit hole those places and this state have turned into? We have become a One Party government. It’s the people stupid. Not the system.

  10. Imagine if we the people could personally vote on all the spending bills lol America would be in pretty awesome shape, without "crumbling infrastructure" as Berie Sanders always said. They all just blow sunshine – how about them student loans folks🤔😂they are liars. We don't need congress…we can use technology to vote on things. If they are smart they will go with Dominion for the technology😂sorry I can't keep a straight face saying that

  11. Why the censorship?

    There’s no ill intent here.
    Please consider & check it out for yourself for your good and good of others. It’s nothing political.
    We all need to pull together and find ways to help each other based on our mutual love for freedom during this horrible situation.

    The White Rose

  12. This guy is so well spoken. Mindful, reflective, intelligent. He really has a command of the concepts and integration to achieve the goals he’s sharing. The statement: 10% approval rating for for these politicians and a 90% rehire rate is INSANE!!!

  13. Politicians rarely know what they are telling the people, they read the scripts handed to them, they've publicly been caught saying as much. Our politicians are puppets most the time.

  14. I don't understand rank choice voting, but I'm very intrigued. In fact I've believed we should allow people choose their first and second choices, and maybe their third choice amongst a larger pool of candidates. I'm guessing rank choice is something like that. And I completely agree with taking power away from the two major parties.

  15. It’s fascinating y’all are talking about changing the ‘system/style’ of voting when we clearly have an issue with COUNTING votes as demonstrated by the current illegitimate pretendsident Biden. It’s not HOW we vote it’s WHO counts them. Thanks for your attention.

  16. Joseph Goebbels said, "Hitler was a genius because he mixed just enough individualism into his collectivism for the people to accept it. Otherwise, the people would never have accepted collectivism after witnessing what happened with bolshevism."

    We have been mostly collectivist for a very long time and now only getting more extreme. Our country, rights, freedom and prosperity come from individualism and most people today dont even know what that means, but collectivism does not recognize the inalienable rights as being inalienable. Collectivism demands fiat currency that robs the individual citizen through inflation and the cantilon effect, not to mention the extreme taxation and redistribution of wealth with collectivist programs. When you work, you sell 8 hrs or more of your life at a time in exchange for currency that should hold its value, but only sound money holds value, not fiat paper or digital garbage. Collectivism has killed and enslaved over 50 million people in the 20th century and reduced the societies to poverty. Individualism is what brought more prosperity ever known in human history through sound money and free markets.

    If the citizenry is this dumbed down and has given up the individualism philosophy that is in the declaration of independence and the constitution, then no voting systems matter. If your vote has failed you, as democracy always does, then vote with your feet and go where you're treated best. That may mean choosing to live in a country with more freedom until the United States gets its act together, which is increasingly unlikely. Otherwise, you will just go down with the ship.

  17. none of this matters if a political party can criminally push a president into office while everyone looks away – there is no saving, there is just the culling

  18. You can't come together. Communism and freedom don't mix. Patriots need to win and keep power and slowly others will see freedom wind. Trump probed this country can prosper if go en freedom to do so. It's not the system or constitution, but the crooks within. No matter what type of system you have, evil people will work it for their personal gain of riches and power. The citizens need to rid the government of these filthy slime.

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