July 26, 2021


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22 thoughts on “Will Something Else Come Before a Central Bank Digital Currency?

  1. Smart money seems more of a means to an end, it seems more a gimmick than anything new..real cash is not a hybrid. The only positive I see is on a power outage , network down scenario as most people transact via debit/credit card…

  2. Aloha Patrick, the best question is who the winners and losers will be with the CBDC roll out. Will countries like Iraq and Venezuela continue to be locked out?

  3. At last they can track all of the drug users, and then after sometime arrest them all, kind of like what the Chinese did…? and kill them all? The trouble is all of the dope heads will think digital money is cool…Oh… buy a gun… they track that… buy a slurpee in NYC… then bloomberg can track you. oh… and then they crash all of the money electronically… and everyones money dissappears.

  4. A note you can exchange, but also discharge? So basicly, you spend all of the note, then pass a empty note to someone? kind of like giving someone a gift card? that you have already spent?

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