September 17, 2021


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Will you carry a vaccine passport after Freedom Day?

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Privacy campaigner Silkie Carlo responds to Boris Johnson’s encouragement for domestic vaccine passports to be used after Freedom Day. “The dangerous …


49 thoughts on “Will you carry a vaccine passport after Freedom Day?

  1. Vaccinated people can still get the virus and pass on the virus, my mother in law 75 years old, has had 2 vaccines she still got covid, albeit a cough, but double vaxed people still pass it on, so why should unvaxed people not be allowed to carry on, I work with vul etable people, could lose my job if this unlawful legislation goes through, I stand by my choice to decide what goes in my body, MY CHOICE!!!!!!

  2. The best of Slaves are those who believe they are Free! Believe me there are a lot of Sheeple in this country who will make it very difficult for The People who are free thinking and who haven't fallen for the propaganda!

  3. How many of those subservient sheep will agree to this jabbed and tracked crap – yet wear a poppy on Armistice Day….that would be total hypocrisy!!

  4. Mandatory vaccine is not for me nor 100's of millions of others. Forget it. As for Health passports, bollocks to it all. The government can stuff this ridiculous charade right up their rear ends which is where all this covid nonsense belongs! Deny, defy and don't aquiesce!

  5. Why do people with natural immunity required an experimental mRNA drug – if you have already fought off the disease – what benefit is an experimental so called “vaccine?”

  6. A 26 year old related to my brother In law yesterday had a bloodclot that lead to heart attack after recieving both jabs ,any other medication would of been withdrawn from public use by now with the amount of deaths and adverse reactions its causing

  7. When asked if you've had the vaccine it would just be easier to say "No" that to bang on about "personal choice" and how one should be forced to have it etc….Just say you haven't had it FFS

  8. Show me your papers, where have i heard that said before.I want to know how our armed forces feel about this.Our government are turning towards a dictatorial dictatorship with each passing our.They are traitors along with all the mask wearers out there.Does are army stand for Freedom and Liberty.I think its time to pick which side your on.

  9. The use of their experimental treatment in the whole population is in no way justified by the virus, despite their fearmongering and distortion of statistics. Therefor the more they insist that everyone on the entire planet HAS TO HAVE IT the more certain you can be that for them it serves a purpose other than protection against a mild illness that generally is only serious for those over 80 with two or three existing life limiting conditions.

  10. I feel like we need a visual symbol of unity for all those who understand how precious our freedom is and want to protect it, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate symbol than the poppy, everybody knows what it represents, it is how we show our gratitude and respect for all those who fought and died for our freedom which we have so long benefitted from, so why not wear it everyday, to give each other hope, when faced with so much fear, to remind each other that freedom is worth fighting for, and that those of us who still feel this way are not alone.

  11. No one can hold you down and force it on you — Yet ! SO blackmail is their only way to make you submit ! So say no ! and walk away – depends how you value yourself really !

  12. She lost me when she said she wasn't against vaccines, if she can't draw parallels between big pharma and the big push for vaccines for everyone she not on this planet…..who is the big brother she is watching?

  13. One of the sickest things about this is that many of those care home workers will have already had and recovered from the virus! So, they'll already have the best possible protection, both for them and anyone else around them – natural immunity 😞

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