45 thoughts on “Winston Churchill REMOVED By Google”
  1. I’m 62 and about as PC as a smack in the face, I think that these so called educated snowflakes should be forced to read history properly, they may understand that history cannot be changed.

  2. Now you forget something then we must remind people of and that is who is behind Google while the man that's behind Goose to you to be Indian Mommy and Daddy are Indian and where do they live in India by Rise overlooking the poor people India is our history books in today's history books have failed to provide the proper information let it be known that India was a colony of England and under Churchill as well and at the time they were considered by many II standing citizens that of course has changed but that is not enough reason to get rid of Winston Churchill because there are many good things that he did for India that Indians today benefit from you're not going to hear about those little things on your Google website because the head of the Google is a card-carrying racist the only likes Indians he does not like white people and that is why he's very pissed right now at Donald Trump because Donald Trump has put a ban on visas and this affects his staff at Google when half of them are from that's right you guessed it India that's why Google CEO Has Gone Bananas censoring all things Trump all things white and is endorse the chaos of antifa and black lives matter. Google is the real racist and they are run by a racist and most of their employees are racist. we need a competitor for Google and we need the United States government our Congressman this coming fall after we re-elect get back in there and remove the laws that protect Google

  3. Why are you fighting over a guy you never knew? Seems to me like you just wanna cause trouble. It’s really telling when all the whiners come outa the woodwork about a guy who’s name they couldn’t spell 24 hours ago. Progression helps not hurt, get with it.

  4. Putin likes Churchill he thinks he should have more statues.don't forget Russians lost thousands of men in second world war.people think it was America won war.don't poke the bear he will bite.

  5. I don't think Google caved or became woke by removing Churchill. They are a huge organisation with vast sums of money, what are they worried about; people stopping using or advertising with Google. It's a ploy to give validity to the remove Churchill request.

  6. There is a feeling among those who really do not know anything about Churchill's past to treat any criticism of him as akin to sacrilege. Churchil is certainly not as universally revered as some commentators would have you believe. I certainly do not think that there was ever a great deal of enthusiasm for the "Brrtish bulldog" on Clydeside or Merseyside.
    I also suggest that those Churchill acolytes and apologists hould read his vile and disgusting views of Gandhi and Indians in general.

  7. So lets force the issue. We should all insert the name Winston Churchill into every document and mail that we send. I was going to suggest a similar solution to bayonets, We can mount LASERs pointing at each statue. If the LASERs have beam focusing lenses and scanners then a focul point could be scanned around the statue a small distance away. Therefore it wouldnt interfere with the surface of the statues but it would burn interfering kuntinnumbskulls.

  8. Thanks, Mahyar and Andre, I was beginning to lose hope with the ongoing attacks by the leftists on our society, you have given me renewed energy to fight on and express my opinions again. Btw though not a native you need to contest the corrupt Kahn in the next London election. Mayer for Mayor!

  9. Winston Churchill was a deeply flawed man who changed political sides several times to suit himself. However, he will be forever remembered for being the right leader at the right time, we must fight against the removal of our history, regardless of whether it suits modern 'thinking'.

  10. We have to stop comparing what our values are today to hundreds of years ago this isn't football where you pay to watch a game live and then have it changed by video replay while you are standing there supposedly watching a live game its a bloody joke what are they doing, giving off side after the event and stop the ball before its been kicked because by now they know who the ball is being passed to but I thought the rule was the ball has to leave your foot before any player can stray of side so how can you be off side if the ball hasn't moved but they go ha ha well we now know where its going so it doesn't have to move so your off or on side by a finger nail but this what's happening going back in time to say he's a racist when there was no such thing and look at what's happened in Africa there history isn't great either we should tear down nelson Mandela statue wasn't he a crook and his wife but there are streets named after him what about magabi and I'm pretty sure you could did up all sorts of things if you wanted the great thing about history you can't change it!

  11. Typical commie tricks. Look at russia china etc. First they take out national pride. Then they take out your religions. Then you have nothing left to unite the people comrade. In china even changing the quran printing their own version but not even a whisper about it never mind riots. Wake up before its too late. Rome for all it's faults when it fell a thousand years of darkness. The dark ages.

  12. OMG I'm surprised shocked and bewildered at the stupidity. Carry on illiberal socialist commies. Will def unite and start making patriots question quite thoroughly all woke people and policies. This isn't america. We are British. When we start questioning they will have no where to run. Shame on us as a nation double shame on us at the liberties being taken. Try this in a non western nation. A bullet for you if you lucky if not your family aswell. Here though in these free speech free nations we can get murdered for a cartoon🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. Mahyar please consider interviewing Former FBI Counterterrorism Director Terry Turchie. He really knows what he is talking about and has experience at the highest levels of national security. You can hear him on Black Lives Matter wants to light the US 'on fire' (13 Jun 2020

  14. What twats
    They think by removing him that we will forget he ever existed and erase his memory !…
    Shallow minds cave into shallow demands …
    Let's erase Google instead ..
    Their legacy is alot less illustrious and way less far reaching than Churchills

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