April 10, 2021


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Woke Anti-Racism Training

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36 thoughts on “Woke Anti-Racism Training

  1. Judging someone by the color of their skin is the definition of racism, so if you have a problem with me being white too bad. I don't see color of skin, I see what's under the skin that defines a person.

  2. my dads white(canadian) and my moms asian. raised in japan but moved to canada 15 years ago for high school. experienced racism in both countries, for looking white in japan and looking asian in canada. i felt guilty for being part white but also felt annoyed at times by white ignorance. although i hated it when i was a kid im glad being mixed race because i see both sides and ultimately learned how stupid racism is. especially now that the worlds mixing, and seeing all the fighting its ridiculous because in a 100 years the majority will be mixed and look back at all this and be like wtf. anyways this was hilarious your videos make me laugh even on a shit day!

  3. I'm black but find what coke did offensive brain washing workers should be against the law, an employer should no right to tell you what to think or feel, just lay out ground rules on basic courtesy and respect

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