June 17, 2021


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WORST Bitcoin CRASH This Weekend? (Why I SOLD $2 Million in Altcoins)

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38 thoughts on “WORST Bitcoin CRASH This Weekend? (Why I SOLD $2 Million in Altcoins)

  1. Din't happen, dude !!! … I never sold anything … maybe bought some more. Latest news claims 17% of Americans own crypto. … it's here to stay …. I'm a firm believer in crypto ….and I'm a cyrpto NEWBIE by every means …. but I learn quickly …. and hope it BEARS big time …. so I can buy more.

  2. Watching this now and realizing this was 2 days ago, EVERYONE HERE THIS IS WHY YOU DONT LISTEN TO PEOPLE LIKE THIS GUY!!! Wrong Everytime he opens his mouth, he guaranteed top in sept 23 give or take 2 days, now he’s back peddling! Time to load up!

  3. Read your title again …. then you have the nerve to call us idiots today and claim your channel os about honesty? You we're spreading fud hard-core about btc and are back tracking today… thats all

  4. Just keep switching your candle timeframe to find what you want 🤣 what an indicator fool. Used to be a day trader w indicators and dropped everything in 2020 when I went all
    In 99% as a hodler with so much less stress and amazed at the indicator pumping programs on YouTube

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