20 thoughts on “WORST Case for Crypto.com (Victim of 2.1 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme)”
  1. After reading a lot of this idiotic comments, I’m pretty sure many of you shouldn’t be investing in crypto because you don’t understand even the most basic information,

  2. Lol figure out the audio levels on your videos. Had to turn it up to 90 to hear you talk then get my ears blasted by your outro music. Otherwise, best of luck in the crypto world my man. To the moon and beyond

  3. Makes them even more secure in my opinion. I also just signed up with your code for @t Ruby card – code: ffck3ezbec Thanks for the $50 USD 🙂

  4. It is strange that it just keeps going up since this news. Almost like it is being falsely pushed up? This should be going down or at least a little defo should not be going up so seems well dodgy.

  5. Just one first fruits to fall off the anticipated coming collapse of the traditional monetary ponzi scheme. Get your popcorn ready as more of this kind of mind blowing news are expected to be brought into daylight as the elite house of card will continue to erode away

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