September 29, 2021


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Worst Time To Sell Bitcoin And Ethereum! (Immense Crypto Upward Explosion Soon)

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37 thoughts on “Worst Time To Sell Bitcoin And Ethereum! (Immense Crypto Upward Explosion Soon)

  1. Crypto Face NEVER talks about CRYPTO fundamentals [ironic] in a show about fundamentals. LoL! No wonder he sold all his BTC and is so bearish 🤣! He knows nothing but technicals.

  2. I am getting the feeling that Bitboy just wants to get his followers to buy so he can dump on them. Hecis forever calling an imminent price pump no matter what is happening. I suppose one of these times, he will finally be right.

  3. Charles could easily rug pull this project if shiet hits the fan or the pressure get s to much or THE SEC catches up… … …look at what UPshod/UPCOIN pulled… can see the same with these ADA/HEX type "projects" . Invest with caution…

  4. if you guys care for some constructive criticism from a nobody. Get more realist guest that complements bitboys intelligence, realist ideas n strong minded opinion like crypto face, n the point systems kinda pointless. Bitboy deadass got a point for saying his preferred version of saying the word halfing and the other guys hit the host with the least existing joke of all time and gave him 2 points people come to pick the mind and learn from highly crypto educated people.

  5. Tom Crown at 34 minutes; no need to worry about similarity in patterns; this bull is in a 4th wave correction; the biggest move for BTC is coming in a 5th wave to finish this bull market later this year or in 2022.

  6. Keep seeing articles on the web “experts or crypto analyst predicts reversal in 2022” each time the market sells off… me with eth in my portfolio at $1.00 waiting for that promised bullish run..

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