March 2, 2021


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44 thoughts on “WOW!!! INDIA BANNING BITCOIN AGAIN!!! Dump Imminent? Programmer explains…



    Introduction- 0:00

    Main Topics- 0:20

    Academy testimonial- 04:30

    Market Overview- 05:30

    Live webinar reminder- 06:20

    The Fed created artificial market- 07:10

    India considers banning Bitcoin- 09:37

    500 Estonian Crypto Companies Lose Permits After $220B Scandal- 17:50

    Belarus Banks Announce Upcoming Token Pilot Program- 21:25

    CSW claimed that he hacked Mt. Gox- 26:56

    Ethereum high transaction fees explained- 31:35

    JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Crash Survival Shows It Has Staying Power- 35:20

    Quadriga was a Ponzi Scheme- 37:10

    DeFI is culture's currency- 38:10

    Evaluating Ethereum L2 Scaling Solutions- 40:45

    Q&A- 43:20

    Q1- Do all transactions from an orphan block go back in the mempool, or only those not processed in the final block (to prevent double transactions)? 43:40

    Q2- What do you think about decentralised YouTube alternatives like and 45:10

    Q3- how often should you reach out to your personal study guide? 48:50

    Q4- can the ETH fees blackmail be broken by miners giving back the fee like you mentioned yesterday? 49:30

    Q5- is it better to continue with C++ or solidity? 50:30

    Q6- I will sign up to the Academy eventually but my job security is hanging in the air? 50:40

    Q7- Senr email to "Contact@IOT" about marketing the Academy. Could you have someone reply…should be awesome? 52:00

    Q8- What do you think about Swissborg project? 52:10

    Q9- How are stable coins built? 52:40

    Q10- Some BTC experts believe that BTC price cannot really increase, e.g. 20k, until the scalability bottleneck is addressed. What are your thoughts on that? 54:50

    Q11- did you get your card? 55:24

    Q12- do you think ico's are a scammy method to raise funds for a project these days. What do you think is the best way to raise funds for a project these days? 56:30

    Q13- i bought swissborg in ico, but sold after, now i regret it? 59:10

    Q14- apart from yourself (big respect) who are your favourite crypto commentators in the space? 01:00:10

    Q15- are you bullish or bearish on Craig Wright remaining a free man? 01:04:10

    Q16- what is the advantage of restricting access to COMP tokens by call option 01:05:00

    Q17- do you think that the stock market will crash next week and take bitcoin with it? 01:05:30

    Q18- Which country do you see in the forefront when it comes to Crypto? 01:06:00

  2. The government want to control their population and the only way they could do that is by keeping the finances within their space. Crypto removes that and people could do what they want without have any traces or control by heads. The government by banning crypto calling India a ‘democratic’ country is unlikely as they want to control their population as much as possible.

  3. Bitcoin price plunged and the bears aimed to break below $9,100 and $9,000 but it corrected and currently trading higher. This may pose somewhat a problem for hodlers but for traders who trade efficiently, it's nothing. I would urge investors to seize this opportunity and get bitcoin on the low and also find ways to multiply and grow their holdings which is not far from what I did by growing my holdings of 4 btc to over 16 btc in two months. I achieved this through trading with the right skillset and also through copying trade signals of Nathan Trueman. His trade signals are so accurate and help me a lot in my trade and I just want to award other investors the opportunity to do same Nathan can be reached on nathantruemanofficial@gmailcom and also his WhatsApp:+44 7723 984457 for more info into services.

  4. most likely "blackmail" guess is correct. However, I am just wondering why doesnt the owner/exchange just drain that compromised wallet of the funds to some other wallet they fully control?

  5. GET to daaaa Chopppaaa …. Nothing to worry about . India average salary is like $20 USD a month . All of India owns just 1.0 BTC. India will now turn into a third world country , by banning the fastest growing asset class !

  6. Tron PoloniDEX and this PYRO token are much fun. haha
    PoloniDEX is a brilliant way to get the mind around trading with super low risk!
    You move big 100000 numbers.. but in fact its just 2 euro 😛 very good to learn how to make mistakes 😉

  7. The REASON banks will be bailed out in a bankruptcy is BECAUSE the fiat money is printable. In Bitcoin World, if a bank failed with 10 million bitcoins, where could a government get half the world's supply of bitcoin ? Nowhere, so high levels of insurance will be a thing of the past.

  8. Just got into crypto a few months ago but I always come to this channel for the TOP information. My day would be incomplete if I didn't get my daily briefing from you. Thanks Ivan.

  9. If India ban's crypto it will be economically speaking very bad for the country. They don't realize what a blessing crypto currencies are especially for the developing world. India! Don't be stupid!!

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