May 12, 2021


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WTF is Persian New Year?! ~VIRTUAL NOWRUZ Part 1 (w/ comedian K-von)

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25 thoughts on “WTF is Persian New Year?! ~VIRTUAL NOWRUZ Part 1 (w/ comedian K-von)

  1. Shoot I didn't know Persia came up with all that stuff we were so familiar with! Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible, does her story have any part in your history books? I've always been curious of her descendants. Sure I can Google that, but I mostly get Wikipedia and other things just speculating her story beyond the Bible pages.

  2. Hi
    I'm Persian
    In fact, the name of Iran was given to this country during the Sassanids. The name of Iran at that time was Iranshahr or Iran Zamin, which means the land of Iran, which was mentioned in texts and books such as Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, etc. It is not Persia and the name Iran means the land of freedom and those who are born free or the Aryan tribes

  3. Persia never renamed to Iran!
    Iran was the native name and Persia the foreign name, just like Germany and Deutschland!
    On 1935 there was a propaganda by the Soviet Union and England, that people of Persia are not Persians they are Kurds, Lurs, Turks etc.. and they have to have their own countries.. Reza Shah by forcing the foreign delegates to call Iran instead of Persia tried to make the people unit against those threats..
    On 1959 the Shah, son of the Reza Shah, announced that both names can be used officially!
    On 1979 the name of Persia has changed! After the Ilamist attack on 1979, for two years the country had no name, the terrorist wanted to rename it Islamic state like what the ISIS did.. but they changed their mind and renamed it to the Islamic republican of Iran.
    @KvonComedy for once in your life stop misinforming about Persia.
    Alexander wasn't that great, the one who burned the libraries, r**ped womens, k**lled the inocent people.. why don't you call Hitler the great, many called him the great when he was alive!

  4. I see your greatness but also your enemies. Laugh at your enemies. You are a great force. This is just the beginning. Trust your heart and level up your games because you are much needed. Go full Kvon and kick ass your enemy. Every minute of you is needed in this battle.

  5. نوروز پیروز🥳🌲
    The name of this country has been Iran for 2500 years. It means the land of the Aryans. And the word Persia is a Greek word that pronounced the name of the race of the Persian Empire or the Achaemenids in this way, the Europeans used the word Persia after the Greeks. About 85 years ago, the king of Iran asked the world to use the name Iran instead of Persia.

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