February 27, 2021


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Xi Jinping’s Secret Daughter | A Dangerous Disclosure

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35 thoughts on “Xi Jinping’s Secret Daughter | A Dangerous Disclosure

  1. Knowing that it is highly dangerous to disclose, you are damn eager to disclose
    and dis-credit President Xi,
    so as to destroy China. What other motives have you? ,Peace on Earth?

  2. Secret daughter from a secret wife? Ooohhh the mighy lord Emperor of the holy heaven and direct descendant of the son of sky, Xi, can have many, even thousand of wifes, thats his right and no one on earth can argue

  3. Is this true news? In the English language, there're legitimate, illegitimate and, even, love child – a child conceived after marriage, without marriage and before marriage (pregnant/birth before marriage). So, is the daughter (Sorry, for being blunt/direct/rude) legitimate, illegitimate or love child? IF it's fake news, please don't post.

  4. I remember this joke, it goes something like this:
    Both the CIA and KGB are tasked with tracking down a rabbit.
    The CIA found the rabbit, but it got killed in a shootout. The KGB brought back a bloodied, beaten up deer. The deer coughs and saids "Yes I am the rabbit.".

  5. I wont surprise if half of the Wolrd will go after his daugthter to let her feel what his father has been doing to other people. Poor girl, for sure she has no normal life.

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