May 8, 2021


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Yoga for Relaxation & Deep, Restful Sleep ♥ 20 Min Class to Help You Fall Asleep Fast – Myra Shaikh

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Join Myra for a relaxing class to ease the stress of your day and release the tension that causes pain & stress.
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♥ Myra’s 14 Day Beginners Yoga Series, FREE with Prime:
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19 thoughts on “Yoga for Relaxation & Deep, Restful Sleep ♥ 20 Min Class to Help You Fall Asleep Fast – Myra Shaikh

  1. Oh wow think that just helped my bad scapula problem I've had for years feels looser and the feeling is amazing im definitely going to continue doing this thank you so much??

  2. There Are Dark Forces At Play In The Human Psyche.

    In order to correctly understand the real/root cause of all

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    You have to understand what emotion is, and more importantly

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    So. The emotion that currently (only currently) lives in, and lives

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    Pain that we are mistakenly taught to hang onto (and feed) by those who raise us.

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    And yes, that body of past pain is actually behind all of our moods and unhappiness.

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    The normality of the problem is actually working to hide the problem in

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    Finally. Emotional pain does in fact have its purpose in the evolutionary

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    As most are only ever seen to learn the most important lessons

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    seen to constantly live in the past, can only ever lead to a life

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    And in that sense, emotional pain can only ever be seen to drive

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    To the point at which the many negatives associated with using pain

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    To the point at which intelligent life/consciousness 'finally' realises,

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    That pain does in fact 'HURT'.

    A realisation that it turn brings about the long awaited shift from

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    To 'NOW' existing in the present.

    A shift to the 'only moment' in which one can in fact enjoy being life.

    Without any further interruptions.

    To a lasting 'peace of mind'.

    Love to everyone.


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