May 8, 2021


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Yoga for Weight Loss Julia Marie: Boost Metabolism & Lean Muscle ♥ Cardio Workout Beginners | Day 3

2 min read

Flow breathe with movement to unlock the benefits of yoga for your health and waistline. Learn essential yoga poses and get a great total body workout.
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38 thoughts on “Yoga for Weight Loss Julia Marie: Boost Metabolism & Lean Muscle ♥ Cardio Workout Beginners | Day 3

  1. I’m really loving this routine. But I have trouble with positions which involve putting the weight on my wrists like table top and downward dog. Is it supposed to be a little uncomfortable in the beginning or am I doing it wrong?

  2. I am fan of your's. I have never seen anyone who is teaching yoga so smooth and mindfulness with every move so beautifully.
    🍒 on the cake: daily bonus's so good listen…
    I am really enjoying your yoga…
    Thanks so much for your help.

  3. Love her! she's one of the best yoga instructor I had… Whats really great that its a 30 day program that we can follow instead of trying to do random poses on youtube. Thanks Julia

  4. Thank you so much for this <3 I was having a very uninspired day and you are just such a positive influence. Love the bonus tip. Really looking forward to go through the whole journey.

  5. So many changes these past 4 months. Decided to get back on track practicing yoga again. Day 3 and I’m feeling awesome. Thank you for a great class. Namaste 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. 💌

    Day☀️3 complete!

    I'm so motivated and proud of myself for completing another day☀️The only way is up!

    THANK YOU❤⚡❤
    THANK YOU❤⚡❤
    THANK YOU❤⚡❤



  7. I’m loving this… usually I do hiit/ cardio/strength training . But I’m a complete novice with yoga.. I’m excited to see what changes, physically happens in 30 days. Thank you! X

  8. I have really enjoyed this so far! I almost wish the videos were longer I love it that much! I reallyyyy struggle doing downward dog as i have no strength and my knees hyperextend other than that I have been really impressed with myself!

  9. Loving this so much. Would love another 30 days to keep moving forward once this is complete. I can see a daily yoga practice in my future with your help. Thank you!

  10. The instructor is great, flow is perfect and i am enjoying doing Yoga with Julia, but one thing i have noticed is out of 30 minutes almost more than 10 minutes she is explaining and talking. I would have loved more time spent on Yoga poses.

  11. I love how I stopped stressing over the numbers on the scale because of this. I do have one question, does this program work well for women with PCOS?

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