March 5, 2021


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You Can’t Say That!

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This is a PSA (Progressive Service Announcement). We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of words, phrases and “microaggressions” you’re NOT allowed to say anymore. Watch the video to protect yourself from saying the wrong thing! Then share it with your friends to keep them out of trouble as well.

#Censorship helps to promote tolerance and thus, diversity, while simultaneously protecting us from #HateSpeech and bigotry, therefore creating a safer, less offensive world for all. #WOKE


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26 thoughts on “You Can’t Say That!

  1. Lol.funny..but I beg to differ, apparently it's open season on whites and is still acceptable to call us crackers, hillbilly and any other ghetto term used to describe those with lighter skin of European descent.

  2. For as long as all those people that believe that they are privileged because they are white they ought to do the right thing and give up all of their so-called privileges, for instance admittance and acceptance to any University or College and as well as any subsidies or any grants as well as donations given to them they should allocate it immediately to someone they believe is disadvantaged because of their so-called white privilege, put your money where your mouth is, this way you'll be actually doing the right thing rather than just talking about it, cuz talk is cheap

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