47 thoughts on “You Won't Believe What's Being Used In The China-India Border Fight!”
  1. Go to BLM webpage. Click donate and look who's behind BLM. ActBlue is getting the donation funds! Such as funding the Left Democrat party candidates! I just saw a video on that. Shocking!

  2. Google is not a private industry
    Google was granted seed money by
    In-Q-Tel ____a CIA firm acting as an angel investor. Translation …..google is government

  3. The hellarious and ironic thing is Aunt Jemima was made designed and marketed by a Black woman and has now been destroyed by a white man CEO of the company in the name of fighting against racism 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. there is in fact, occuring in the US, a societal breakdown. Compliments of google. Who is responsible for providing a platform for the bat shit crazy left and the bat shit crazy right to practice their keyboard warrior skills. After a time, virtual bitching isn't enough. Now it's being taken to the streets. In the history books, it will be stressed how significant the internet was in playing a role in the civil war of 2020.

  5. $15Trillion in National Debt – 2013
    Pentagon loses $6Trillion and Fails the Audit.
    $21Trillion in National Debt – 2013
    US Fiat Currency Games Cost $3Trillion in 7 years.
    $24Trillion In National Debt – 2020
    $6.2Trillion in Stimulus Bill 1-4
    They are talking of another Stimulus Bill, this would cost $1-3Trillion. (HEROES Act)
    $32Trillion in US National Debt – 2020
    $35-40Trillion in US National Debt – 2025

  6. Wonderful. We are going down the drain fast. Forget about democracy, welcome to totalitarian censorship-for-your-own-good new normal. It is so sickening.
    How long do we watch and stare in disbelief, awaiting what lies ahead of us?

  7. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of Marxists and the leftists movements.
    You're confusing liberals in "left" clothing.
    You're giving in to the manufactured dialectic.
    I thought you were trying to counter that?

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