June 17, 2021


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Your Move, Ethan! FINAL Rebuttal to H3H3 | Louder with Crowder

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41 thoughts on “Your Move, Ethan! FINAL Rebuttal to H3H3 | Louder with Crowder

  1. I had never heard of that guy before!!! Seems like just another ill-informed loud mouth who is self projecting his own issues and jealousy of better people.

  2. Ethan defeated himself. You didn't even have to say anything. He's so pathetic and contradictory.
    Funny how he calls you homophobic, then makes gay jokes and stabs about you.

  3. I stopped watching ethan years ago after he gave such basic bitch political opinions, like even when he's lucid he can't form even one cogent thought worth discussing

  4. I was gonna make fun of you, but then I got high.
    I was gonna something that made sense, but then I got high.
    I put on a shitty show and I know why!
    Because I was high, because I was high, because I was high.

  5. Trust the government blindly…smart…really really smart…wonder how the world would've been if that was the mentality across the globe with WW2 Germany as an example.

  6. Ethan: "We should trust our government institutions."
    Also Ethan: *any time he's ever criticized the government or a government official

    I dont have to look up anything about the guy and I can guarantee you he has.

  7. For some reason I just can't put an 18 year old GI storming Omaha beach in 1944 in the same category as an 18 year old college student in 2021 who's confused on their gender regardless what MSNBC reports on the evening news.

  8. Ethan isn't doing anything different, he's yet another sheep libtard.

    Stays comfy in his safe, above average crib.
    Therefore thinks the world is the same for everyone.
    Has bad takes on almost everything.
    Resorts to ad-hominems and a whole list of logical fallacies to support his rhetoric.

  9. Ethan Klein went from having Jordan Peterson on to discuss important topics to making fun of Jordan for going through depression which was caused by the fact that his wife had CANCER. Ethan made a joke about Jordan's health ONLY because Ethan guest was a transgender youtuber. "Kontra points" or something like that. Ethan didn't even research as to why Peterson was going through depression and was addicted to medication Just to make transgender people happy.

  10. I used to watch H3H3, Eddubz, Francis of the Filth and Max. but one became woke, the other became a Simp, Francis is I guess sill edge lord, and max. I don't know comments shall help

  11. I think The Whole flag thing is about showing respect for the flag by keeping it clean and new and in the best shape possible. Anything less than that is “disrespectful” but like at least you have an American flag haha. Anybody Military will be picky.

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