‘Your words are violence!’: conservative’s speech at Cornell shut down after repeated leftist outbursts

Ann Coulter

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter tried to give a speech at a college she graduated from — Cornell University — but had to give up after continual disruptions and outbursts from protesters in the audience that were designed to prevent anyone from hearing what she had to say.

“The event lasted just a little more than 30 minutes, of which Coulter spoke for less than 7,” according to the Cornell Review, the lone non-liberal publication on campus.

Coulter, who was invited to speak by the Network of Enlightened Women, was forced to stop speaking due to her inability to speak in complete sentences without being aggressively interrupted.

One video shows a white male in a beanie and hoodie standing up and shouting “we don’t want you to be here, your words are violence. … They are threats, you cannot be speaking here. We don’t want your ideas here! Leave! Leave! Your words are violence! Your words are violence!” He was eventually made to leave the auditorium by campus security.

Video shows two students chanting “no KKK no fascist USA” as they are taken out of the auditorium by security. Other disruptions include students blaring circus music and whistles using sound amplifiers.

Organizers, who had foreseen disruptions, tried to prevent them by ensuring that “seats were limited to those who had registered online and the event was packed with security officers,” the Cornell Review reported.

But protesters managed to disrupt the speech anyway, by “employing a chain tactic,” with each heckler “beginning just as soon as the last heckler was removed, so as to continuously speak over Coulter.”

And at the beginning of Coulter’s talk Wednesday evening, the dean of students warned the audience that disruptors would be removed and referred to the Office of Student Conduct, according to the Review.

8 students were removed from the auditorium by campus security for disrupting the speech. Cornell says “The inappropriate behavior displayed by disrupters does not reflect the university’s values.”

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