June 17, 2021


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YouTube Trailer – Hunting for Viruses with Dr Andy Kaufman

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47 thoughts on “YouTube Trailer – Hunting for Viruses with Dr Andy Kaufman

  1. Great work Sam Bailey and Kaufman.
    I commented earlier but it was removed, love YouTube😡
    I might upload the video to bitchute soon, so I can help spread more of the truth. Keep up the great work💙🙂👍

  2. Dr Sam , could you please do a video on how they make the covid vaccine , what exactly is contained in it and where did they get it ? Great video BTW , loved it

  3. What are your thoughts on Long Covid? How is this occuring in such great numbers? There's a documentary in the UK called Finding Derek. The husband of one of our well loved mainstream news anchors/presenters Kate Garraway had to be put in a coma for the best part of a year whilst Covid ravaged his body. He's had input into his condition from some of the best drs across the globe as the celebrity network has been in touch offering their own medical contacts. The palace even offered their royal physician as a gesture. Kate Garraway interviewed a senior nurse who previously ran three wards but post what was classified a 'non hospitalised' Covid diagnosis now struggles to leave her home for too long. The ME community is receiving extra funding and research as the Long Covid incidences are rapifly being realised as ME. Is this all made up? Where is Long Covid coming from if so? Im genuinely interested in your thoughts

  4. You are both beautiful and intelligent but I wish you would give the brave renegade scene a rest for long enough to answer a simple question. In the UK we have 100,000 more deaths than we would expect. Lots of other nations can indisputably demonstrate the same. These people are so definitely dead they have been buried or cremated. Now please declare what YOU think they all died of ? They did not die from a myth.

  5. So what is the lab leak hypothesis about? If there are no viruses what do they work with in the virology labs? How do they do gain of function study without a virus? Is it just terminology? Just getting confused.

  6. Morning. Just watched full vid on Od. Brilliant truly Brilliant. Thank you so very much for "trying ". Please keep it up. Love from the UK/Alcatraz. Question to the WORLD!!! Does ANYONE know what the hell is in this Jab? Anyone!!!

  7. We have a problem! She is under attack. Poisons and psychological threats.
    Just watch the video. She is a shadow of herself. Lost lots of weight. Her face is half numb. The lower lip is swallowed, the upper half is numb. She's overreacting, very discomforted, as she couldn't wait to finish the video.
    If you are a man (or call yourself) in NZ, please look into it if she needs defense. If she doesn't get protection, it is pointless whatever you do.

  8. If… there is no such thing as a virus, and so transmission of a virus is impossible, as is the weaponization of a virus impossible, or the vaccination against a virus impossible, then everything concerning this cove is a hoax, then we are indeed living in some sort of simulation. Does anything actually exist?

  9. Dr Sam, I respect you, but please don't go down the Kaufman path…
    “Intellectual authoritarian scientism” – Reason and “science” (follow the science) as they keep saying, is not being used. Money corrupts everything. We are in free fall. Completely experimental virtually untested "vaccines" are fine – but doctors treating patients using their own historical knowledge base and available medications somehow is not? This is an example of systemic corruption at a global level.
    Heroes of our time, if this frankenvirus came out of a lab in Wuhan, and America was involved in the funding, etc. then should we be plugging ourselves with leaky shots made by big pharma and promoted ad nauseum by the media industrial complex?

    -JC on a bike

    -Geert Vanden bossche The insidious face of a pandemic of variants…
    -What happens when it is revealed that the vaccinated are the vectors for the super-variants?

    Gravitas: 2 new 'super infective' variants identified in India

  10. Nice workaround for YT censorship. Use it like classifieds – purely for its reach. Make announcements, host content elsewhere. I see the same trend in Twitter, use it to reach your audience, have them sign up for newsletter or host content on your own site or less restricted spaces like Locals or substack.

  11. Just watched the video on odysee. Thank you so much Dr Bailey for all the hard work over these long months. Your videos were an inspiration and helped me and many others understand the deception unfolding before us. I have shared your videos with many people in regards to countering the mainstream narrative and would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude

  12. I understand the fallibility of PCR and whatnot, but I really struggle with this virus potentially not existing at all idea. It's kind of like saying, "because we can't see/isolate an electron that means electricity doesn't exist." Our understanding of electricity is pieced together from all the evidence.

  13. I like English historian, Niall Ferguson's recent description of the state of scientific debate. He said you can talk more openly at a pub than you can at a hniversity.

  14. Long live Odysee. I have to admit Im cautious when it comes to Andy Kaufmann, but I appreciate that he has a right to his opinion. If anyone has seen his recent video with Tom Cowan, titled, "Exposing Covid19 myths", you will see him on the back foot when it came to defending his position that the Sars Cov2 virus has never been isolated. During the Q and A, a listener presented a paper showing evidence, including photographs, of the virus, prepared using cell culture purification techniques. Kaufmann defended his position by saying that the organism propegated in the cell culture could be anything that thrives in the culture, depending on what was in the original patient sample. He and Cowan said the photograph, which showed classic Sars Cov2 shape, was not conclusive as it zoomed in too closely and may have consealed other entities. Its a great video if you want to get your teeth into microbiology. Kaufmann knows his stuff, but has a blind spot. I still have an open mind.

  15. facemasks should come with the Charter of rights printed on the inside, so ppl can kiss them goodbye every time they put one on. Sadly my internet is too slow to use odysee, bitchut, etc.. or any of the uncensored sites or could just be our Canadian overseers doing what they do. when bill C10 passes I won't even get this channel.. any chance you could shed a light on rabies? since that's the newest fear here now, dang bats at it again..get extra shots for all the pets to come

  16. Andy's big mistake is saying elsewhere that viruses do not exist.
    Viruses do exist.
    They are a challenge, especially for an unhealthy body.

    They are not the main reason a person dies.
    Yes viruses are not alive.

  17. I wonder how then they can modify bacteria to produce Insulin or how they can tell one person from another 99,9% by genetic tests if they just have those computer models and kind of guesswork. There must be some beef to this sequenzing stuff.

  18. Great interview.

    I paused in my reading of the book because I did not understand how little was actually known about viruses as opposed to what is surmised and I feel like I am back on track now.


  19. Within Music Composition Techniques you're trained to create dissonance of harmony and then resolve it again into harmony.
    There's a lot of dissonance out there in the medical field.
    What virus?
    There's no virus called COVID19.
    The explanation from Bailey and Kaufman of the cytopathic effects when determining a virus, or PCR, Genomic Sequencing, etc., is the most logical method. It isn't non-$ense. They've shown how there's no such thing as a virus.
    So how would I resolve this if I was leading into a cadence within a piece of Music.
    I would say that all viruses are engineered within laboratories. However they're not viruses. These engineering feats have been used as biochemical weapons by the State to create fear, death, and profit. There are only victims and weak-minded people in the State sanctioned medical experiments.
    Stay away from these aforementioned State sanctioned engineering feats and their methods of treatment.
    V I

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