May 12, 2021


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Zaid Jilani: Biden Admin DROPS Asian American Discrimination Lawsuit Against Yale

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50 thoughts on “Zaid Jilani: Biden Admin DROPS Asian American Discrimination Lawsuit Against Yale

  1. LoL The whole affirmative action is a smoke screen to make sure Asians don't take over ivy league universities. Think about it who benefits the most?…it's not POC. Get rid of affirmative action Asians take over these universities plain and simple.

  2. It's not just ivy league discriminating. The UCs do too. They even removed the SAT recently because it supposedly discriminated against blacks. In a UC Berkeley study, a perplexed professor found that even accounting for same socioeconomic status, asians got 100 points higher on SAT than blacks… How can a test that is 2/3 about ENGLISH be in favor of asians, whose native languages are the most far removed from latin language as possible?!

  3. Us asians knew colleges discriminated against us for DECADES. It's known amongst all of us. So for leftists to call Trump anti asian for 'kungflu' but then ignore the blatant discrimination for decades is myopic to say the least

  4. As a Yale graduate I am not surprised when it comes to fortify liberal racism "Rising" would align with Trump on undercutting the struggle of African Americans and Latinos for equal access to the Ivy Leagues. Biden administration dropped the suit because it had no merit and was being used to create a splinter among the communities of color. I didn't notice the "Rising" position of how the NYC tech schools used standardized tests to exclude Black folks. Perhaps you missed when federal judge Allison D. Burroughs ruled that Harvard College's admissions policies do not unduly discriminate against Asian Americans. It is interesting as well that you never bring African Americans or Latinos to discuss these admissions policies only seeming more interested in fomenting white resentment and solidifying the model minority myth of Asians. Disgraceful.

  5. the admission process needs a lot of changes. I did an admissions audit at any ivy league school and they say without saying that Asians would take over and keep out evern whites almost punishing them for extraordinary grades and test score. they must not discriminate an race

    I think there is the top 10% rule in urban areas where no matter the socioeconomic background the top 10% is a great outreach. I'm not sure if this is happening anymore though

    Picking the top 10 % in every school in America helps diversity. Honest question though like my son who is half Mexican and half white is starting to ask will he get into college because he's half white. That broke my heart

    Don't you think all colleges with billions of dollars in their endowments shouldn't be allowed to raise tuition and use their money to help students with student debt?

    Colleges and universities as I know because I audited an ivy league university finding a 42 billion endowment. They also get federal funding why?

    The Biden Administration should hold these universities accountable for transforming their buildings, marble floors, expensive furniture hiring academic professors that are supposed to help students prepare for the real world no hike tuition so high that loans are all they can get

    College and universities need cost control laws because they are doing this to our kids

    We are now teaching kids to be social justice warriors instead of preparing them for a global economy

    The rest of the world like China overtake us academically. It's madness

  6. You dont understand, socialism you cant be better than the others, so you guys have to be down to adujut to majority, its socialism that you guys wanted right? thats the answer, i know that, i lived in socialist country, get used now hahaha

  7. I wish this lawsuit had drawn more attention, and maybe a real investigation. It’s simply absurd. Are yale’s students predominantly black, hispanic? No. Predominantly white, by a lot. Second place is likely reserved to asians (indians, chinese, arabs), who are usually the children of wealthy professionals.
    Do people remember how the DOJ became trump’s weapon against people he didn’t like and to protect his friends? This lawsuit is probably another culture war nonsense promoted by right wing nutjobs, who reject the idea of higher education in the first place.

  8. Race should be taken as a factor. Ask a minority denied admission to the college of their choice and get back to me. Asians should not be admitted above historic Americans.

  9. Biden explicitly chose his vice president based on gender, and likely also did so based on race. Why would it surprise anybody that he's fine with colleges selecting by race as well?

  10. Since when do applicants of any race apply to Elite Universities that don’t have amazing test scores and GPA’s? What are we talking about 10-20 point differences in SAT scores? 4.2 GPA vs 3.9 GPA? What the Universities actually know is that High School GPA and SAT scores are horrible predictors for success at their institution. That’s why if you do well at Community College, you are almost guaranteed to go to any school you want. Actually many schools will offer you a guarantee if you follow a specific course outline and maintain a certain GPA. So everybody needs to stop. If you don’t get into the college of your dreams, go to community college for two years and prove to them that you should have been accepted the first time.

  11. This is a really big problem with medical schools too. There are two acronyms that are constantly used when people are describing their stats to get into schools: URM and ORM. They stand for under represented in medicine and over represented in medicine. The fact that when people are trying to get advice on their application journey, they list their GPA, tests scores, and whether they are ORM or URM is a huuuuge problem. It puzzles me how the laws can ban racial discrimination but at the same time the Supreme Court upholds the ability to use race as a factor.

  12. I'm still in favor of affirmative action. Until people of color are able to compete on a level playing field in academia I don't think there is a problem with universities wanting to have more diversity. Poor people and people of color have a lot more working against them as a whole than white and wealthy people.

  13. Gee, imagine that.. The Democratic Party would be for racial discrimination. The party of the kkk, the party of slavery , and Jim Crow. Dont ever allow anyone to tell you Joe Biden isn't a racist.

  14. Asian American's overwhelmingly voted for Biden. They screwed themselves and have no one to blame but themselves. You would think they would learn by now that Dems hate and resent them, but are happy to use them as pawns every four years.

  15. There's this thing called mismatching- where when affirmative action is forced, students of color that come from failing public schools are not equipped to thrive in an upper echelon private school & percentage-wise set up for failure- which leads to a high rate of dropout. The data shows it's a lose-lose situation.

  16. Affirmative action kinda is pretty on brand for the Democratic Party.

    It's a band aid that doesn't actually solve the problem.

    If you want to have more diverse people going to Yale, fix the material conditions that hurt their opportunities. But they won't do that.

    They just want to look like they're doing shit.

  17. So to remove racial discrimination you have to racialy discriminate and so its ok. Welcome to the new America, Bidens America. Wait, Democrats America. Yall Dems having fun yet? Yall Aisan Dems having fun yet? Yall voted for the wrong person if ya can't figure it out yet.

  18. Fight racism with racism , fight sexism with sexism , fight discrimination with discrimination , fight inequality with inequality , bringing America together

  19. Doesn’t the fact that Asians do so well point to the fact that racism isn’t a big factor and culture is what matters? Krystals eye rolling and sarcasm aside, look at Nigerians in the US. They are the most educated and wealthy ethnic group in the US. Well screw facts and data. Keep blaming racism.

  20. Goto any college admissions predictor website and fill in made up scores and SATs and select a different race each time with the same scores and you will be surprised at how the outcomes vary by race.. so yes, using discrimination to combat discrimination is bad…

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